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All Day Scrap

Our All Day Scrap for 2017 is Saturday August 5th. Please ring the store for more information.



“Scrapbooking isn't about scraps of paper and photos. Scrapbooking is about scraps of life - yours and those special to you.” ~Rebecca Sower

The idea for Seriously Scrapbooking came into being in February 2006 after teaching at two scrapbooking shops as well as from home. One of the main reasons behind starting a business was to employ our daughter who has Down’s syndrome as finding work for young people with disabilities is quite a challenge. Why not combine a need with a love!! The next step was to find a shop in the right location with lots of parking. The location we chose was easy to find with our first shop being in the Pasadena shopping centre mall. (Where I have shopped for the past 20 years) Our shop was previously a fruit and veg shop and needed quite a bit of work to get it ready. We had to remove a cool room, a brick wall then built a front to the shop, an office as well as having to clean years of vegie splats from the walls and the ceiling. We renewed the lighting and added a back door with a window for the view. A new paint job & our shop opened in September 2006 - we have not looked back!


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In 2008 we moved to a bigger store, doubling the size of the old one. We were just down the road  Colonel Light Gardens. Our new store was in an old picture theatre. The stage was above our workroom ceiling. The architecture is still intact although unseen. Again a lot of work was done before we could move into our new Store.

The new store had the same warm and friendly atmosphere like the old one though a lot bigger. We even hade an expresso machine and our customers would tell us that we made lovely coffee. The work/class room was right near the counter which was popular with our customers. You could attend a class then come back later and finish the project if you need to on the days when our workroom was free.

Our physical store closed in August 2017 but we haven't stopped. Classes are still running from the comfort of Jane's house, the online store is still up and running and people are welcome to drop by and pick up supplies from Jane's house in ST Marys 5042. Please call 08 82771298 if you want to visit or have any other enquiries.

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